"Trust God and Chill" Bangle

  • $ 19.90


* New Release * 


This bangle is a constant reminder to trust God and believe in good things to come! Don't forget - the more you trust God, the more he amazes you.

The handcrafted bracelet is made from gold or silver, and is engraved with the inscription "Trust God & Chill".  It is made from premium quality and doesn't tarnish, it is a durable and comfortable bracelet.

This item is the perfect gift to remind someone that God has a plan for each and everyone. Don't miss out on this beautiful piece of jewelry! 


  • Handcraft bangle made from gold, rose gold or silver
  • Engraved inscription "Trust God and Chill"
  • Fits most wrists from small to large sizes
  • Durable and comfortable to wear
  • Doesn't tarnish, made to last
  • 3 colors to choose from: Gold, Rose-gold and Silver
  • Can also be purchased as a set of 3

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