Subtle Tips for the Top Class, Romantic and Memorable Honeymoon July 24, 2017

After a beautiful wedding in the sunlit beach or the exotic atmosphere of a secluded getaway, all you need is a relaxing honeymoon to regain your vigor, calm your nerves and ready your wings to fly in love!

And if the wedding had a strain on you, you’ll need a romance in nature to simmer down.

Well, here are a few tips to add some flavor to your honeymoon.

Choose nature                                                                       

You want something out of the mundane; some place that gets you closer to nature and out of the puzzles of the city. Find a beach house or camp in the mountains.

New adventures trigger endorphin surge in the brain— this improves the mood and desire to indulge in pleasurable activities.

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Have a playlist

While at the honeymoon you’ll be free from work and one good way to get the time passing is by listening to music you all love. Get a sexy playlist, like Marvin Gaye, but you can vary it depending on your taste.

Watch the sun go down

You’ll agree with me that watching the sun go down while in the arms of your lover brings bits of heaven on earth. Right?

Even after years, every time you watch the sun go down you’ll remember your honeymoon like it just happened yesterday.

Nostalgia is good for love!

Change lingerie every day

New lingerie adds to the fun of surprise, and it might be all he needs to get his hormones speeding. Choose the colors well, in a candle lit room make sure the dimness won’t deluge the color. Pink is a sure bet!

Write on the sand!                                                                 

Spend some time with your hubby alone at the beach, when you have seen enough of each other’s eyes, write it in the sand and take a photo of it— memories are made of these!

Your budget should not limit your fun. The general perception that you must spend millions on your honeymoon to enjoy are outrageous. Plan earlier, exchange surprises and just have fun. Visit our store for jewelry with which to spice your honeymoon.

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