Jewelry Is a Precious Gift; It Needs a Special Presentation July 18, 2017

“The greatest value of a gift is the story it comes with.”

You’ve had stories of how someone almost wept in surprise after finding a “mysterious” ring in her cake.

A gift may not be too costly but how you package and present it will engrave memories in the mind of the giftee— and that’s what thrills!

Pieces of jewelry are precious and durable, make the story behind their presentation live longer than they do!

Here’s how:

Use fake packaging

Does your partner expect a ring from you? Well, don’t settle for the obvious, play with her emotions.

Take your ring and package it into any simple box, especially those used in kitchenware. Make her angry “how could you send me a corkscrew as an engagement present?” and then…

Voila! — The engagement ring beams with impatience to embrace her finger! (see our collection clicking here!)

Make it her Discovery

Do you know her daily routines? Easy! Just place your gift somewhere you know she visits daily. Could be her closet, her jewelry box or in the pockets of the coat she’ll be wearing tomorrow.

This presentation works best when she doesn’t expect any gift from you, or when she doesn’t expect you could get that close. Use her relative if you have to!

Use a delivery person

When she expects a gift from you, it might be tough to create an element of surprise, but you can do it better by using an improbable delivery person.

Use someone she knows can never give her a jewel as a gift; a child, pet or the gardener! Even after receiving the gift, she won’t suspect it could be anything of importance (especially if placed in a fake package too)!

As the ring appears, her heart will leap in surprise and bam! You have engraved Memories!

There are many ways you can explore—the goal is to create an element of surprise and appeal to her emotions. A beautiful ring, bracelet, or necklace deserves a creative presentation to create memories. Visit our store for stylish jewelry for your special one.

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