5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday July 14, 2017

How does it feel to crossover to a new year? Wonderful, isn’t it? Your birthday means a lot more than just welcoming a new year.  

You see your birthday is special to you. Everybody celebrates the dawn of New Year, but you are special enough to celebrate “your new year.”

“I grow older but ”

Have you ever known how proud your grandfather is of his gray hair? Gray hair denotes wisdom. As you grow, you learn a lot from your life experiences and the dilemmas in life shapes you to be a better person.

Isn’t wisdom worth celebrating? (See our store)

Great, you survived!

Did you know something—according to Google, 105 people die per minute! You have survived 525,600 times just in one year! Isn’t this the greatest achievement?

You might reason that survival isn’t enough, but the truth is— all your achievements depend on it.

Let’s raise a toast to the rhythm of your heartbeat!

Time to weigh your priorities

The best thing about birthdays is that they open your eye to new possibilities. Every time you add a year, you make resolutions and prioritize your goals.

Take a moment to audit yourself, celebrate the good, learn from the mistakes and strategize how to move forward.

Receive the love

You have been too busy pursuing your goals to think about self-love or love of your family and friends. It is during your birthday that they get the chance to shower you with gifts of love.

We are humans attuned to giving gifts for a reason— birthday is the top reason to give and receive a gift.

Time to come together

Your friends and family might be busy pursuing their dreams, but they are most willing to spare a day to celebrate with you.

It is also during a birthday that families get together and appreciate each other for their efforts. Most importantly, sharing laughter, meals, and warmth strengthens family bonds.

Well, In celebrating a birthday, you should retain the memories— embed it on something or buy something special to mark it. A bracelet, necklace or pendant is preferable as they are fashionable and durable. Visit our store and celebrate your birthday in style.

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