Super Classy Earrings for the Top-Notch Outlook

Your choice of earrings matters a lot. Earrings are just like statement jewelry— they tell a lot about your style and class.

So instead of imitating what others might consider classy, you can create your style and stand out from the crowd.

Here are 3 Classy earrings that’ll bring the best of you:

Bohemian Style Earrings

This bohemian style is neat and modest, with the brilliance of gold it spells a top class reserved for the opulent.

Its length is long enough to be noticed from a distance— not enough to be a bother. It is available in gold, silver and black colors.

This earring fits well for office and casual setting. (see our store now)

2016 Angel Wing Dangle Earrings

If you love cool colors that deluge your viewers, then these angel wing dangle earrings are for you.

These earrings give you a break from the ordinary earrings everybody around you adorns. They are lengthy and dangle in harmonious motion with every step you take.

This earring glows in the sun and brightens your face; It complements your smile. They come in sparkly gold and silver colors.

Vibrant Mix Stud Earrings

“These are the cutest earrings!!!! They are so colorful and matches with everything. I just love them, and I am glad I bought them!”- Maria S.

Like Maria, you can be the proud owner of these skilfully designed studs bestowed with different colors to match your outfit.

This stud is made from durable alloy hence it is a promise that lasts. Buy this vibrant mix stud earrings today at 40% discount!

Hurry while stocks last.

These earrings and studs exist that you may spice your life to a whole new level. They are unique and go with both casual and office outfit. Visit our store and today and fill your jewelry box with something of value.

Subtle Tips for the Top Class, Romantic and Memorable Honeymoon

After a beautiful wedding in the sunlit beach or the exotic atmosphere of a secluded getaway, all you need is a relaxing honeymoon to regain your vigor, calm your nerves and ready your wings to fly in love!

And if the wedding had a strain on you, you’ll need a romance in nature to simmer down.

Well, here are a few tips to add some flavor to your honeymoon.

Choose nature                                                                       

You want something out of the mundane; some place that gets you closer to nature and out of the puzzles of the city. Find a beach house or camp in the mountains.

New adventures trigger endorphin surge in the brain— this improves the mood and desire to indulge in pleasurable activities.

You can get very romantic beach getaways at very affordable price. Check also for beach hotels with offers; you might spend half the usual price. (check our store)

Have a playlist

While at the honeymoon you’ll be free from work and one good way to get the time passing is by listening to music you all love. Get a sexy playlist, like Marvin Gaye, but you can vary it depending on your taste.

Watch the sun go down

You’ll agree with me that watching the sun go down while in the arms of your lover brings bits of heaven on earth. Right?

Even after years, every time you watch the sun go down you’ll remember your honeymoon like it just happened yesterday.

Nostalgia is good for love!

Change lingerie every day

New lingerie adds to the fun of surprise, and it might be all he needs to get his hormones speeding. Choose the colors well, in a candle lit room make sure the dimness won’t deluge the color. Pink is a sure bet!

Write on the sand!                                                                 

Spend some time with your hubby alone at the beach, when you have seen enough of each other’s eyes, write it in the sand and take a photo of it— memories are made of these!

Your budget should not limit your fun. The general perception that you must spend millions on your honeymoon to enjoy are outrageous. Plan earlier, exchange surprises and just have fun. Visit our store for jewelry with which to spice your honeymoon.

Should I take My Ring off for Shower or Anything?

Congratulations! He finally put his promise where his heart is and crowned it with a ring. Doesn’t it feel beautiful to be a part of a future with the person you love?

Absolutely— so beautiful that taking the ring off seems like you’re ejecting him out of your life!

Love is a strange feeling; you only know it when you’re in it. You’ve felt love and mastered its fragility, risking the ring might just mean putting your love to test.  Well, there are times you will have to ‘put the love to test.’

When Swimming

You should resist the temptation to flaunt your ring to sea creatures. Lol! Seriously, swimming is the best way to go if you want to lose your ring.

Cold water will freeze your fingers making the ring loose; it won’t take long before it slips out and damn! That expensive diamond ring is gone! Besides, chlorine that’s used in swimming pool will discolor your ring. (see more here)

When working out

When in the gym, you exert a lot of pressure on your body— your fingers are not excluded! The pressure you put on your fingers may change the shape of your ring and cause dents on its surface.

But the worst is when the claws that hold the diamond stone open and it drops and gets lost!

When you shower

“Water never hurts,” Alright, but you use soaps and shampoo while in the bathroom and these may build-up in the creaks of the ring making it blur.

When moisturizing

Before you apply moisturizers, please remove your ring because they might cause a cloudy effect on your ring— losing the luster.

Well, there you have it. It feels wonderful to wear the love of your loved one, but it also costs a lot to buy an engagement ring— keeping it safe should be a priority. Visit our store for engagement rings that stand the test of time.

Keeping Strong in Your Faith No Matter the Hurdles

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."

Being in a state of hopelessness or fear can paralyze your spiritual growth and plant seeds of mistrust in your life. You probably have felt rejected and alone - even God can’t answer your prayers.

In these moments when your soul is in doubt, the devil will steal every little opportunity to nest in your mind further making you feel inferior and abandoned.

Remember Job and Jesus. In these cases, it’s evident that the devil always attacks when you’re weak spiritually and neck deep in trouble.

“When you have every right to doubt God, the devil gets every right to tempt you.”

Refuel your faith

The journey of faith requires perseverance and unwavering faith, but it is never easy to keep shining through the struggles, your bowel of faith may get drained—fill it before it runs empty!

How do I refuel my faith?

Focus on the good- there are times when you don’t come close to your expectations, and this might overwhelm you.

Choose to concentrate on the good God has done and be grateful. When you feel contented, your faith in God grows. (watch more here)

Quiet time with God

Did you know that the more you spend with a friend, the more you become endeared? God is your father, but he is your closest friend.

Whenever your faith is running empty, find time with him; meditate on his word in the morning, pray as you remind him of his promise to be with you. Fast and forget your sorrows.

Hum his powerful words

Have you ever used a rosary? There is a reason why they are very powerful in keeping us glued to God. When you chant a verse several times, it becomes your belief, and that rekindles your faith.

You can have your best verse inscribed on your bracelet so that every day you can’t go without reading it many times.

Besides, when you read it, you will get motivated to continue no matter the hurdles. If you need these faith refueling bracelets, visit our store for a chance to rekindle your faith today.